Basic Rights Counsel Initiative Hosts Inaugural Foster Care Quarterly Meeting for 2024

Basic Rights Counsel Initiative the successfully hosted its first Foster Care Quarterly Meeting for 2024. This gathering brought together a diverse audience, including foster carers, adoptive parents, and prospective foster carers, marking a significant step in our commitment to advancing foster care and adoption rights.

Focus on International Adoption: Legal Framework and Insights

The meeting centered on an in-depth exploration of International Adoption and its legal framework. Through engaging conversations, participants delved into the complexities and challenges inherent in this crucial aspect of foster care and adoption practices.

A highlight of the event was the interactive question and answer session, where participants actively sought clarification, shared perspectives, and collaboratively addressed concerns. This session aimed to enhance knowledge and foster a deeper understanding among all involved.

Visual Highlights

Below, are visual highlights from the meeting:

We extend our sincere thanks to all participants and contributors whose active involvement made this event a resounding success.

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