Child Friendly Safe Space


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Child-Friendly Spaces are places that can help reduce a range of distressing effects of a crisis
on children.

The purpose of our Child-Friendly Space is to provide children with a protected environment
in which they can participate in organized activities to play, socialize, learn, and express
themselves as they rebuild their lives.

Child-Friendly Space is one of the Basic Rights Counsel Initiative’s key programmatic interventions to protect children from physical harm and psychosocial distress and help them continue learning and developing during and immediately after an emergency

How do Child-Friendly Spaces benefit children?
Child-Friendly Spaces offer children a safe place to play and the support they need to deal with grief and loss. The center is available to all children, no matter how they’ve been affected by circumstances and situations.

Child-Friendly Spaces provide things like:

  • Fun activities, such as games, sports, singing, drama, and puppet-making
  • Informal learning opportunities in reading, basic hygiene, and life lessons
  • A chance for children to express their feelings of fear and loss through creative play, stories, and group interactions
  • Help to reunite separated children with their families


We would like to specially thank our sponsor, Future Crunch for bringing this project to life.

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