International Day for Street Children.

Our Programs cordinator presenting gifts to one of the street children

On the 12th of April, organisations around the world come together to recognize the International Day for Street Children: a special day acknowledging the strength and resilience of millions of street children around the world.International Day for Street Children (IDSC) has been celebrated globally since 2012, to recognise the humanity, dignity and defiance of street children in the face of unimaginable hardships.This year, we are also recognising the work and dedication shown by those working on the streets with children, and call for proper recognition and support to be given to these frontline workers.Basic Rights Counsel Initiative joins the rest of the world to call on Government, Individuals, Families, The Church etc to reflect and come up with practical steps help them.We thank our sponsor Safe Child Africa for their unwavering support.

Photo Story From The Event:

Winner of the 100m race
Programs Cordinator Addressing the children during the event
Fun game at the International Street Children’s Day
100m race in action
Other street children watching the football game
Children watching the game
Street children playing football in commemoration of the street children’s day
BRCI staff with players from team Blue.
BRCI staff with players from team Yellow.

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